The Cooler Lumpur Festival is Southeast Asia’s first festival of ideas. Established in 2013, the festival is a platform that aims to bring together writers, artists, musicians, and thinkers from all across the globe in an attempt to create new connections, to share and spread new ideas, and to serve as a catalyst to our cultural conversation. Powered by writers and thinkers, by artists and musicians, ours is a gathering that aims to challenge people to debate and learn and grapple with the ideas and issues that constantly confront our society.

Why is this relevant? Because we believe that building discussion and dialogue is the hallmark of any great society. Because we believe in the irresistible and contagious power of a great idea and the latent potential it holds to inspire awareness, change, and transformation.

PopDigital is a creative media shop specialising in media and technology. It has a diverse portfolio of projects, each with specific aims and objectives, including #BetterCities, which focuses on community-based projects to improve urban living;, an online magazine about city, community, and culture in the Klang Valley; PopTeeVee, a web TV network with the primary objective to help create a democratic media space; Uma and Joe At The Movies, a website dedicated to giving the audience everything they’ve ever wanted from an online show about movies; and The Greatest Hits.