The Living City is an interactive exhibition that explores city-making in a playful and hands-on approach using LEGO as a building medium.

The Living City, named after Archigram’s 1963 exhibition of the city of the future, is devised as an empty landscape on top of which players will contribute to the ever growing fictional living city. Players will be given an opportunity to construct their own piece of the city and decide where it will be placed by removing existing trees on the LEGO landscape. As the game progresses and more creations are placed on The Living City, players will have to negotiate with existing constructions and depleting green space to decide what gets demolished to make room for their construction.

As players contribute to The Living City, they immediately witness the effects of the city-making as they alter the topography of the LEGO landscape, forming an understanding of the city as a living organism. Some of the immediate concepts players will observe is the act of deforestation, negotiation of resources and understanding density in a city. We hope this process will trigger insightful discussions on urban development and highlight the impact urban growth has on memory and environment.

#BetterCities is a campaign that focuses on improving urban living through critical discourse, creative intervention and grassroots participation in Southeast Asian cities. Our objective is to empower and encourage individuals to take more ownership of the city we belong in.

#BetterCities produces small-scale urban projects in shared/public space; from bus-stops to back lanes. We also curate a talk series that highlights individuals, insights and initiatives that are contributing to a positive change in our city.