The Cooler Lumpur Disruptions presented by TBWA\KL – Posse Comitatus (Power of the Community)

White Box
Mas Shafreen (Wanton Doodle), founder of the Band of Doodlers (BOD) will be sharing on his philosophy on empowerment through positive reinforcement. BOD advocates independence through self and group empowerment. As a collaborative art community, BOD provides a common platform for artists and enthusiasts alike to come together and legislate for collective ownership of art spaces. BOD is now Singapore’s largest art community – boasting of over 650 members and engaged in over 100 projects annually.
This is a Cooler Lumpur Disruptions programme presented by TBWA\KL.
Westpac Bank The Last Doodler National Library Board 3 SAM Imaginarium
Dan Lain-Lain