Ayu Abdullah

Ayu Abdullah is an engineer with international experience in energy access issues, energy policy, community energy systems, and sustainable development. Her workfocuses on participatory energy planning with a special focus on renewable systems in rural areas. She is on the management team of the nonprofit organisation, Energy Action Partners, and is co-developer of The Minigrid Game, a minigrid planning tool for communities.
Other than energy access issues, she is also active in working with refugee and urban low-income communities in KL. She co-founded a social enterprise that provides micro-loans for low-income families in KL and is on the steering committee for the Fugee School. Ayu also helps manage the international volunteer organisation, MarhaCar, which delivers aid items to refugee organisations in Greece.

My Sessions

The Cooler Lumpur Disruptions presented by TBWA\KL – Women in Tech

Black Box

DELAYED TO 5.15PM DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.   Your mum may still be figuring out how to use the remote control, but believe it or not, it’s 2016 and we are seeing an increase of women outside the kitchen – they’re writing codes, running businesses, and sparking innovations that are set to change life as […]

The Cooler Lumpur Disruptions presented by TBWA\KL