Evangeline Neo

Evangeline Neo is a comic artist from Singapore and has been drawing webcomics since 2007. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Business Administration, she chose not to continue her teaching job and went full-time into developing her own brand “Evacomics”. Her first comic book “Eva, Kopi and Matcha” was published in 2014, depicting cultural differences between Singapore and Japan. The book sold well and was later published under MPH. The same book was also translated into Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. Since then, she has produced various merchandise such as cushions, postcards and even LINE stickers. Her second comic book “Eva Goes Solo” contains short stories from her experience living in Japan.

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RE: The “Art” of the Biography

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They tell life stories – both real and imagined – one panel at a time. Whether capturing singular moments in time or spinning epic yarns about fictional lives well lived, their literature is altogether precise, articulate, and compelling. Two of our very best graphic storytellers sit down with Umapagan Ampikaipakan for a candid conversation about all […]