Zarina Muhammad

Zarina Muhammad is an independent researcher, curator, arts practitioner and educator based in Singapore. She lectures on art history and cultural/contextual studies at Lasalle College of the Arts. She is also one of the editors of Body Boundaries, an anthology of women’s writing published by The Literary Centre, Singapore. Currently, Zarina is working on a multidisciplinary research project on cultural translations pertaining to ritual magic, Southeast Asian mythologies, animism and folk religion, mysticism, sacred sites and the cross/intercultural interpretations of witchcraft. She has presented her work in Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. At present, one of her key projects is to devise and develop a series of collaborative performances that aim to deconstruct and respond to the contested histories, texts and definitions pertaining to the intersections between witchcraft, magic, myth, ethno-medicine, monstrosity, the demonized/ the demonic, gender-based archetypes and the broader contexts of myth-making. She is particularly interested in the intergenerational and interregional translations, appropriations, adaptations and sometimes contradictory, anachronistic and multi-headed quality of these narratives.

My Sessions

Reclaiming the Goddess, Witch and Wise Woman

CLassroom: Room 8, Level U2, Block C5, Publika.

The Cooler Lumpur Festival and Poetry Cafe KL present: An interactive poetry and performance workshop with Illya Sumanto & a talk and storytelling-sharing session with Zarina Muhammad. Women are inherently healers who could turn plant into medicine, transform a seedling into towering trees, and in some cases through destruction enable flowering and flourishing creation. If […]