Music Performances

#Word Panel: On the Development of the Local Indie Music Scene (curated by JUICE)
Saturday, 22 June 2013
9.30pm – 11.00pm, Black Box
Admission is free, but space is limited. Sign up at The Cooler Lumpur Facebook Page.

Local independent music has come a long way from sneaking under the radars of the moral police and fighting to be heard on a larger scale, to producing break out international sensations such as Yuna and Zee Avi. However, their successes aren’t representative of the realities of being a musician in Malaysia, for now as well as back then.

Join music journalist and DJ Daryl Goh, Fikri Fadzil from the Wknd Sessions, and musician/academic Azmyl Yunor as they share their experiences from the early ‘90s to the present. Azmyl will also be performing a special set of covers of local indie classics intermittently during the Talk.

Curated by JUICE Magazine and hosted by JUICE + CLIVE Editor, Ben Liew, this Talk will go behind the scenes of local indie acts and institutions such as Carburetor Dung, OAG, Saturnine, Positive Tone, Metrovision, WOW.FM, THR, Paul’s Place, Boom Boom Room, Piccadilly, MTV, Channel V, and will trace the significance and legacy of the music that can still be seen today with the right set of often-jaded eyes.