No Outside Food Allowed

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Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures. During the early days of Malaya, people from all over the world were invited to come in and help build a new nation, in exchange for a better life. In droves they came, bringing along their skills, their traditions and best of all, their food. Once strange and foreign, they form the backbone of the Malaysia we know now – a colourful, thriving country bursting with character and potential.

In collaboration with Picha Project, we’re riding on our collective love of food to bring both Malaysians and ‘outsiders’ together. No Outside Food Allowed celebrates the cuisines of some of the most hardworking people in Malaysia with a one-night only dinner event at the festival prepared by refugees – featuring cuisines that will one day weave itself into the rich tapestry of Malaysian life. Come for the food, stay for their stories.


Dinner starts at 7:30PM
RM80 per head
Bookings required:

This event is co-hosted with Picha Project:

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