There is a suffocating feeling of dread plaguing the world. The unintended and unexpected consequence of globalisation, multiculturalism, and that premature prediction regarding history’s end. Society is on the brink, and the world feels like it needs turning off and turning on again. Control. Alternate. Delete. You know it. You’ve used it. You’ve abused it. It is a reboot and an interrupt. It is efficient, effective, and absolutely essential. It cleans the slate without destroying it. It restores things to their default settings. It allows for a fresh start. Whether or not you know you need one. In our sixth year, The Cooler Lumpur Festival will explore these individual notions of ‘control’, ‘alternate’, and ‘delete’ and what they mean when taken as a whole. When employed as that iconic ‘three fingered salute’. We wonder how to redo and remake the world if offered the chance at a reset.

For the first time, an entrance fee of RM10 is charged for admission to the entire festival, EXCEPT for workshops and special events, which are charged separately. The Cooler Lumpur Festival has always been supported by grants, and as we approach our 6th year, a nominal contribution from our attendees will help greatly in keeping the festival sustainable and independent for years to come.

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