Rebooting the Animal Industry System

Black Box

The rapid population increase in recent decades have caused our consumption of animal products to rise. However, there is a limit to the production capacity of the current system. Continuing to ignore this capacity will cause problems concerning resources, environment, and animal welfare. To solve these problems radically, Shojinmeat Project, an open-source, non-profit, research group interested in the development of cultured meats, is looking at changing the production system itself.

Cell-based meat produced by cellular agriculture is a next-generation production technology. It is real meat that is grown from animal cells without slaughtering entire animals. Because we can use cellular agriculture technology to produce other animal products such as milk, egg white, leather and so on, cellular agriculture has been researched extensively for commercialisation.

In this presentation, Yuji Matsuyoshi, general manager of Shojinmeat Project in Kyushu will introduce the future of food production by cellular agriculture, especially cell-based meat.

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