#REVOLUTION: The Importance of Social Media For Activists

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Not only has the internet changed the way we communicate, shop and search for information, it has opened up new possibilities for political engagements of activists. The one-to-many communication of classical mass media is gradually being replaced by a many-to-many communication method which uses blogs, networks and social media channels as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The benefit is obvious: costs are comparatively low and the reach is large. Divergent positions may be articulated and discussed with a wide audience. Otherwise isolated and marginalised people may find a platform and grow together.

In this one-hour workshop we will look at social media campaigns of international activists. Which social media channel suits you and your message? What are the characteristics of a successful campaign? This workshop is adressed to activists who plan to start their work on social media.”

RM50 online / RM55 at the door. Limited passes available per workshop.

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