Taste of Sabah – Oct 6

The Square
Food Fringe Workshops

We are always looking for exquisite taste, but what about forgotten recipes from our own cultures? Ropuhan Di Tanak Wagu is a food channel run by Pison Jaujip who has been re-creating forgotten recipes from North Borneo. Fancy sampling dishes such as Linopot, Noonsom Bambangan, Jinaruk Tuhau, and Kinotuan Mirolot Sinapakan Tonsin Sada? Pison will be cooking these delectable dishes at our pop-up kitchen during the food fringe. Join us for a cooking demonstration by Pison himself and a tasting session – two nights only!


1. Linopot: fragrant rice with mashed yam wrapped with doringin leaf
2. Noonsom bambangan: pickled bambangan (wild mango of Borneo)
3. Jinaruk tuhau: wild ginger salad
4. Kinotuan mirolot sinapakan tonsin sada: mixed vegetable of Sabah with salted fish

5 & 6 October, 7:00-9:00pm

RM80 online / RM85 at the door. Limited passes available per workshop.

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