Carlo Gabuco

Carlo Gabuco, 36, is a visual artist and independent photographer based in Manila, Philippines. His photographs as well as his paintings focus on human rights and development issues, as well as daily life in the Philippines. He covered the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and continues his coverage of the Philippine drug war. He has worked with Human Rights Watch, Save the children and Amnesty International, and has been published in both local and international publications including the BBC, Time, National Geographic, Cicero Magazine, Bloomberg, El Pais, LA times and Der Spiegel.

His paintings and photographs have been exhibited across South East Asia. He is the photographer behind Rappler’s ongoing Impunity Series.

My Sessions

The Appeal of the Southeast Asian Strongman

Black Box

What explains the persistent popularity of strongman figures in Southeast Asia? Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen rules with an iron thumb. Thailand’s military junta is here to stay. Duterte was Trumpian before Trump was. And Mahathir is back! Throughout the region, there are persistent conditions – economic inequality, social malaise, and schoolyard patriotism – that […]


The Big Picture: Photojournalism 101

ME.REKA Makerspace
Journalism Campus Workshops

The workshop will consist a brief talk about Carlo’s work, and his process on documenting the Drug war in the Philippines – the challenges, the ethical lines, how to deal with grieving families, also how to protect them, the security risk and all that comes with documenting what’s happening on the ground level. Participants will […]


Visual Journalism: Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

Black Box
Journalism Campus Panels

Information has existed since the beginning of time – from chiselling stone tablets to swiping on paper thin ones – and has evolved tremendously into various forms to keep up with the changing habits of consumers. How do we tell important stories in the age of Instagram? Have social media platforms given photojournalists a second […]