Cora Knoblauch

Cora Knoblauch was born in 1976 in Berlin. She was a student of Art History, Medieval History and Spanish at Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany), Universidad de Granada (Spain) and Humboldt Universität Berlin, and later obtained a Masters degree (M.A.) in Art History. Since 2002, she has freelanced at radioeins (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) as an editor, social media editor, and reporter. Since 2009, she has freelanced at Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Berlin) as an editor and author. She works on subjects such as art/design, pop culture and societal topics such as migration, inclusion, and feminism.

My Sessions

#REVOLUTION: The Importance of Social Media For Activists

ME.REKA Makerspace

Not only has the internet changed the way we communicate, shop and search for information, it has opened up new possibilities for political engagements of activists. The one-to-many communication of classical mass media is gradually being replaced by a many-to-many communication method which uses blogs, networks and social media channels as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. […]


Hear Me Now!: The Power of Voice in a Digital Age

Black Box

In an age of instantly shareable video and image, with film and TV available on demand, what makes the power of the human voice so enduring? Podcasting, both audio and video, is a format that can have a major impact when it comes to representing diverse voices. Does simplicity account for the format’s success? As […]