Hannah Ellis-Petersen

Hannah Ellis-Petersen is the Southeast Asia correspondent for The Guardian. She began her posting in February this year. Based in Bangkok, she has reported on elections in Malaysia and Cambodia, investigated child marriage Thailand, exposed decades of sexual abuse at a Thai yoga school and the illegal practices of Nestle in the Philippines. Previously she was culture correspondent for the Guardian for three years, based in London but travelling to countries around the world covering the arts. She was also a reporter on the Mail on Sunday newspaper, based in London.  

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Who Run the World?

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Glass ceiling. Gender inequality. Violence against women. Child brides. #metoo. We’ve heard all these issues, and we see them on TV, read about them in articles, and even experience them in real life. Time’s up, and we are long overdue on an overhaul in the way we perceive gender roles in society. What hopes do […]


The Outsiders: How Global Journalism Shaped Our National Discourse

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Journalism Campus Panels

Content transcends boundaries. Anyone with access to the Internet, is globally connected. Malaysian news coverage by foreign media outlets arguably played a pivotal role in the recent GE14, with their exposés on 1MDB – the biggest scandal the country has seen. Meanwhile, the local media won’t touch any ‘sensitive topics’ with a 10-foot pole – […]


Digging Deep: Investigative Journalism 101

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Journalism Campus Workshops

Whether you are researching on the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar or exposing cross-border sex trafficking of minors, this workshop is a great introduction to investigative reporting. Learn how to set up an investigation, how to tell stories that matter in an impactful way, and even what job hazards to expect. Led by seasoned […]