Matt Armitage

Matt Armitage is a consultant, broadcaster and writer who has lived his life according to Douglas Adams’ principle of the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’. His company, Kulturpop, helps established brands and startups to understand the implications of the future on their business model and to plan and market accordingly.

He has a weekly technology and culture guest spot on BFM Enterprise, as well as contributing to several other BFM shows. He’s ridiculously proud that he is now hosting the BFM music show The Muddy Confluence once a month because he’s always wanted to be like John Peel. He doesn’t write as often as he’d like anymore; it’s so much easier to get people to listen than to read.

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Hear Me Now!: The Power of Voice in a Digital Age

Black Box

In an age of instantly shareable video and image, with film and TV available on demand, what makes the power of the human voice so enduring? Podcasting, both audio and video, is a format that can have a major impact when it comes to representing diverse voices. Does simplicity account for the format’s success? As […]