Matteo Riatti

Matteo Riatti has a Master’s degree in European Studies and a PhD in media sciences. He is currently working as research associate at the Stuttgart Media University and is a member of the Institute for Digital Ethics. His work elaborates ethical implications of the digitisation, civic virtue and communication in a federal funded R&D project. He has published articles on sociocultural issues in popular culture, game studies and gender theory in media.

My Sessions

Who’s Laughing Now?

Black Box

It has been universally accepted that all Malaysians are born with R-shaped thorns on our sides: royalty, race, and religion. We have been socialised (except old Chinese uncles in kopitiams) to be afraid of discussing these issues in a public forum. Thanks to the ubiquity of social networks, this led to the emergence and popularity […]


Digital Ethics: Regaining Control of the Internet

ME.REKA Makerspace

The year is 2025. International corporations have gained control over the cyberspace, spying on users and feeding off their ignorance. Deceit, doubt and peril wander through what was once the free and wild spaces of the digital world. Where have our values and morals gone to? Is it too late to regain control of the […]


Kasi Viral: The Spread of Racial Disinformation in Malaysia

Black Box
Journalism Campus Panels

According to the Digital News Report 2017, Malaysia tops the world rankings for WhatsApp usage. How many WhatsApp groups are you in? How many times have you read a message that made you feel outraged or smug? How many times have you forwarded that message? The spread of fake news and disinformation in Malaysia are […]