Premesh Chandran

Premesh Chandran is the co-founder and CEO of Malaysiakini.com. Launched in 1999, Malaysiakini is the Malaysia’s top news website, currently reaching over 7 million readers in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. It is known for its independent news coverage.

Premesh holds a degree in Physics and a Masters degree in International Studies. He is TED Fellow, a recipient of Asia Foundation’s Chang-Lin Tan Fellowship and was the Media Personality of the Year in 2012. He is also a business coach with government’s Cradle Fund and has coached over 40 companies in the last 5 years.

His believes in finding practical ways to achieve the ideals we seek.

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Saving Journalism in the Age of Social Media

Black Box
Journalism Campus Panels

In the face of relentless mis- and disinformation, the role of journalism in Malaysian society has become more crucial than ever. At the same time, news organisations are struggling to turn a profit and media salaries are stagnating. How will journalism survive in the age of cat memes, #fakenews, ‘social sites’ and inheriting the instagram […]