Syarul Ema Rena @ Ratu Naga

Syarul Ema Rena, also known as Ratu Naga, was born on 21 May 1980. She graduated with with a Bachelor in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and is pursuing her career in construction as a project manager. Her involvement in politics began in 2008, when she wrote about political issues and the struggles of the ordinary people in blogs. She fought for the rights of the poor and continues to do so, and has gathered thousands of followers on Facebook. She is the first person to be sued by a Prime Minister for online insult. She was appointed as an officer in charge of media for the former Finance Minister while she was with the ruling party. She was also the advisor for the government agencies such as JASA and BTN.

Currently, she is an exco member for Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Wanita and a candidate for Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP). She left UMNO/BN in 2015 after she realised that the ruling party had betrayed the people’s trust.

She is still upholding the fight for the ordinary people and for a better Malaysia.

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Kasi Viral: The Spread of Racial Disinformation in Malaysia

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According to the Digital News Report 2017, Malaysia tops the world rankings for WhatsApp usage. How many WhatsApp groups are you in? How many times have you read a message that made you feel outraged or smug? How many times have you forwarded that message? The spread of fake news and disinformation in Malaysia are […]